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Criminal & Traffic Law   

At Knox & Associates, we recognise that being charged with any offence can have a significant impact on your life, and on those around you, which is why you need an experienced and dedicated criminal lawyer to represent you. We will help you navigate through the court process with a personalised service, making sure you understand your rights, procedures and receive frank and fulsome advice. We will ensure you know what to expect at all times and advocate for the best outcome for you. We work with you, not against you.  

We strongly encourage you to seek legal advice before speaking to police in any circumstance. Any statement that you make to police could effect your case down the track, so it is vital to get immediate advice. Call us on 0405 245 245 at any time if police have asked you to participate in an interview.

Legal aid is available for a wide range of criminal charges. We can assist you complete an application and can submit it on your behalf. In some cases, legal aid may not be available to you in which case we offer fixed fees, quoted up front. Call us now for an obligation free chat about how we can assist you.

What we can help with: 

  • Police Interviews

  • Bail Applications

  • Guilty Pleas

  • Disputed Facts

  • Trials

Courts we attend: 

  • Supreme Court 

  • District Court

  • Magistrates Court

  • Youth Court

  • All regional Courts

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